Virginia Cream of Peanut Soup with Coconut Milk

virginia peanut soup coconut

“Virginia” peanut soup, traditionally made with cream, is not something I grew up eating or knowing about. If I did eat it at an event somewhere down the line while growing up in Richmond, Virginia, it didn’t register.  Frankly, I’m pretty sure it didn’t become the soup featured so prominently on the menus of high […]

Why I’m Trying to Give up My Kindle

books apple

Lost between a State of Wonder and Bossy Pants The moment when I got my Kindle occurred sometime right between Ann Patchett’s State of Wonder and Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants. I remembered yesterday when I spotted State of Wonder towards the end of my bookshelf. I may have swooned a little as I ran my […]

How to Make Homemade Almond Milk

almond milk

I milked an almond for the first time a few weeks ago. Who knew such a thing was possible? I’ve hated milk with a vengeance since I was a child. I had a milk allergy as an infant that, as was conventional wisdom, I supposedly “out grew.” I know all about waiting to “out grow” […]

Don’t Stay Invisible and Do Something New


So you want to do something new. Something big, not small. One minute you’re afraid this desire might be someone else’s. The next you are to some degree pretty sure it’s yours. If you are the sum of everything you’ve ever read, you wonder if the schmaltzy, pithy, sarcastic and 140 character brevity of Facebook/Twitter/24/7 […]

Don’t Belly Flop onto Mother’s Day


I’ve been thinking about how any given holiday, in this case Mother’s Day, for various reasons is likely painful for a huge percentage of the population. This after having spent more than a few minutes doing a “woe is me” routine in my head over my newly empty nest and this coming Sunday. The truth […]