Fish Pedicures: Exactly How Behind the Times am I?

In the pursuit of beauty there are many mysteries:

Why hair on one’s head in big hand fulls is touched willingly, enthusiastically even. But then when a single hair is found off the head, it is cause for great repulsion.

Why the “natural look” is the most expensive look available to woman.

Why at beauty spas, we pay strangers to do all kinds of things to us while we are naked. Things where in other instances, at least one of the parties is sent to prison.

Which leads me to today’s shocking beauty headline:

Florida Regulators Ban Fish Pedicures

Sorry all you fish pedicure aficionados! This novelty service in which tiny carp nibble dead skin off feet, has been banned in Florida. The trend apparently came to the United States in 2008 from Asia. Pedicure enthusiasts swear by the superiority of the service, the price of which generally runs twice that of a regular, (interpret: old fashioned, boring, ME) pedicure.

I imagine these would go over big in the all the vacation hot spots, particularly those frequented by groups of margarita and mojito pounding women. For those of us past the age of impulsively getting a tatoo in the middle of the night, a fish pedicure offers that chance to be totally “wild”. For an hour we can be that free spirited young person we featured ourselves to be before muffin tops and jugs of Woodbridge. If anything, the banning aspect, under sanitary conditions (of course), gives a cause celebre.

But Alexandria, Virginia? Are government employees among the converted? Where have I been, that I am so stunned by this. This report from just out side our nation’s capital makes the procedure sound so normal, and SANITARY. There is even a non-metrosexual male delighting in one! Do you think Michele Obama has had one? Do you get fish pedicures?

Thank goodness I discovered this before I made a fool of myself the next time I go for a pedicure. If a spa technician were to offer me a fish pedicure, I probably would have assumed I was being offered lunch. I’d say something stupid. I’d ask for tarter sauce and lemon.

Come to think of it, I never go for pedicures. Thanks to these images, I will abstain a little longer.


  1. Vic says

    I’m afraid it would tickle, all those little fish lips, and then I would splash water all over and disgrace myself. And then they’d talk about me some more in another language.
    Who needs THAT kind of pressure? :)

  2. OGLADI says

    That’s hilarious! Fish are friends, not food…wait?

    I still can’t see the link but maybe that’s how it works – 1st-timer here!

  3. Heather T says

    oh, when I read about this the first time, I seriously thought that I would have to try this as soon as I was close to a place that did it. I am a sucker for services. If I go broke and spend too much money, it will be on something like a dead-skin-eating-fish pedicure.

  4. Janice says

    If you want to use fish for a pedicure, just pop pop, pop a pirhana in, they’ll just clean up that dead skin problem for good.;-)

  5. phd in yogurtry says

    fish pedicure? I’ll take chinese water torture, thanks. I speak with some authority, having been nibbled on by minnows, and it’s unbearable. maybe I’d feel differently if I paid an arm and a toe for it.

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