Morning at “The Barn”

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barn091509 “Sparkle,” my daughter, doesn’t get to have kitty cats. Blame me. I’ve been known to be allergic not just to cats but to pretty much everything in the above photograph. When I was her age, I used to be pretty mad about this.barn091509

But our friend, Anastasia, started to take “Sparkle”  to a special place this summer. We call it simply “The Barn.”

barn091509 “Sparkle” started riding lessons. Here she grooms a horse named Sam.


One day last week, I tagged along and took lots of pictures. barn091509 Her instructor is  a nice person named Jennifer. She owns “The Barn.” .


This looks like flying, or something I once did in a dream.


On the drive home we are all high from a morning well spent. Girly giddiness. Sun. Peace. Cows. Horses. Happy dogs and bright flowers.

“I didn’t sneeze once – even inside the barn,” I say perhaps a bit too brazenly.

Anastasia swings her head  towards me; “Sparkle” leans forward in the back  seat. Evaluating. We know we are all thinking the same thing.

“Well next week we’ll have to all go out to “The Barn” for our lessons at the same time,”says Anastasia.

The three of us play for a few minutes with this foreign concept of me taking riding lessons. It suddenly didn’t feel quite so foreign.

One day at “The Barn” at a time.


  1. says

    Ooooh! I hope it works out.

    That photo of the horse jumping? Awesome. I love the barn one at the end too.

    I love horses. Never could own one…too much work (dad said) but I loved them nonetheless and still do. Can’t resist stopping to take a photo of them when I see them.

  2. Maggie May says

    I am a bit nervous of horses after two huge carthorses chased me in a field. I was scared so ran. They obviously sensed I was scared & decided to have a laugh at my expense running all around me as though they were going to charge over me.

    Smaller horses are graceful animals though.
    Must be awful to have allergies & be unable to keep pets if you want them.

  3. Lily says

    Horses are so remarkable! I have three.
    When I lived in the city, we spent most of our time on a deck or gathered at the kitchen table.
    Here in the country, most people spend their time in or around the barn.

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