Macro Monday: What’s That Imp?

fallmiscellaneous 012

I come in peace!

This little imp seemed full of intention, having woven her web directly in the middle of my path, from safety of car in driveway to door. When I left the house a mere two hours earlier there had been no sign of her. Or perhaps I departed in such a hurry that I had knocked down her initial effort – Not a cool thought because maybe I run in to spiders all day and don’t know it.

I don’t know my arachnids, and this one looks more like a sea creature than a spider. My daughter reminds me that all arachnids, or eight legged creatures aren’t spiders. But if she’s not really a spider, she is doing a fine imitation of one.

mm I am curious, but not enough to go searching through lots of pictures of hairy, poisonous, eight legged critters in effort to identify her.  With that look on her “face,” she reminds me of this French bug I shot feasting on lavender a while back. Happy, mischievous or demented?

Do you know what she is? Perhaps a visitor from outer space checking up on things?

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  1. says

    my neighbor found one of these in her laundry room, I think it was, or something very similar, with the bright black against light background. harmless, I believe she found. like you, I’m not curious enough to go looking. who needs that creeped out feeling on a monday morning?
    .-= phd in yogurtry´s last blog ..when shoes matter =-.

  2. says

    Um, yeah, I also won’t be searching for the name of this little guy, but we get them all the time on our pool lanai. They love hovering around, just waiting for me to run into their web of death. I mean their beautiful web.
    I have a huge fear of spiders. They creep me out.

    Your other little lavender eating bug? SO cute. :)
    .-= Busy Bee Suz´s last blog ..M is for…. =-.

  3. says

    Oh weird. I hope I do not walk around all day running into spiders without noticing, but then, perhaps we all do one some level…

  4. says

    Yuk yuk!!!! It looks CREEPY whatever it is. Despite the creepy bug, your post was a very interesting read! I hate it when I run into webs… GAHHH! Thinking of it gives me the heebie-jeebies, lol!
    .-= Rebecca´s last blog ..A Very Cool Gadget =-.

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