Myrtle Beach is Not Exactly a Typical Place to Live

Unknown Mami

Here are several photographs of the intersection leading out of my Myrtle Beach neighborhood.

Martin's Golf and Planet Hollywood Martin’s Golf and Tennis Superstore and Planet Hollywood are just two of the highlights at this very busy intersection. I’ve never quite gotten over Planet Hollywood’s blue ball.  Doesn’t it kind of look as if it is sticking its tongue out at me?

When we turn into our neighborhood off of the 17 bypass, we make bets on whether the car in front of us will turn into Martin’s. Usually, the out-of-state license plates and people wearing caps makes it pretty obvious.


See those men getting stuff out of the back of their cars? They are what we call “out-of-town golfers.” When we were driving out of the Martin’s Superstore parking lot we saw one of them, bare-chested as Adam, changing into his new shirt for all of humanity to see.

Myrtle Beach is not Vegas, but visitors to the area often do things they wouldn’t dream of doing in their own places of residence. As another example, we don’t wear bathing suits to the grocery store – no, not even with a charming pair of cut-offs.

The shark billboard has been there for over 10 years. Wouldn’t it be great to climb up there, stand in the open jaws and have a family Christmas card picture taken?

Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach

Our Hard Rock Cafe has much better cheeseburgers than the real Pyramids in Egypt. This pyramid lights up and changes colors at night! How many pyramids do you know that can do that?


On foggy mornings the lighthouse at Margaritaville is the only thing  we can see on the way to school. It looks pretty eerie and I’m just glad I know that this lighthouse is actually located several blocks inland. So far Margaritaville has not experienced one shipwreck!

Thanks to Unknown Mami for hosting this great way to see where so many different people live. I’ve been meaning to participate for weeks now!


  1. says

    I love MB! My parents are some of those annoying tourists – they winter there. We try to get down there at least once over the winter to visit them. I mentioned that I love MB, right? It must be great to live there…
    .-= Tammy´s last blog ..A Nice Pair of Pants =-.

  2. says

    My husband and I visited Myrtle beach one time about 22 years ago…seems not much has changed. IT is tough to live in a vacation destination. We have a bit of that here too, but I think the clientele it a bit different. The women at the grocery store wear their bathing suits, but also a cover-up. shame on ADAM.
    Great post.
    I would totally try the Christmas pic in the shark jaws. :)
    .-= Busy Bee Suz´s last blog ..L is for… =-.

  3. says

    So basically Myrtle Beach is Orlando by the sea? I never realized it had so much of the touristy stuff (the Hard Rock, Planet Hollywood, Ripleys). When you were younger and/or drunk, did you ever want to go in one of those places and have fun with the tourists (like punk them or pretend to be an obnoxious parody of them)?
    .-= Staci at Just Bloggled´s last blog ..Bored to Death Mondays =-.

  4. susie says

    Photos are sensational and the text is just right. Particularly like the pyramid- believe me, the real thing is about as commercial as you can get (absent neon), only the hawkers are on camels and they don’t give up!

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