Dear Santa


Dear Santa,

There were a few years in there when I didn’t believe in you. On many Christmas mornings after our fair share of teeth gnashing disguised as smiles, last minute runs for batteries, and wrong sizes, I sometimes felt as if you, this magical creature who is supposed to know everything, were more trouble than you were worth. Just so you know, I’m past that.

The pimping out of the Christmas holiday was a process. It’s hard to pinpoint when you went from being symbolic to central to that elusive thing we call the Christmas spirit. We are all seduced at some point into thinking the Christmas spirit is something ushered in with moonlight on the breast of a new fallen snow, animated elves in department store windows, and Gap commercials. We can’t wait, we say, forgetting that the spirit and the wait are close to the same thing. We are pregnant with it and think we are ready to pop, when really, we’ve got a few days.

We become active and forgetful. We threaten our children with lumps of coal. We hide things, and then forget where. We save , splurge and measure in numbers and volume. We speak of how it will all be worth it just to see the look on our childrens’ faces. It almost seems as if we are doing things to forget why we are waiting. Then when Christmas morning finally arrives, we forget that the tree that an hour ago looked so promising, only appears to be losing its sparkle.

For several years I made the mistake of thinking that a credit card, Dave and I were all there was to you. I willingly jumped on the chance to tell my children bold faced lies, essentially using you, all because of couple of childhood books and songs.

In 1823 when Clement Moore wrote “A Visit from Saint Nicholas,” I doubt he meant for the gift giving debacle we know today to turn into anything more than a few sugarplums, whatever the heck those are, and a ripe orange in the toe of a Christmas stocking. I doubt Moore meant for it to turn into anything at all.

Unwittingly you became this made up good guy who got all the credit.  I missed the heck out of  the you I remember from childhood. Frankly I liked the made up version of you better than this new reality of me being responsible for upholding your image.

On occasion I’ve liked the made up version of myself better than the reality too. I have often missed or forgotten the point:

We are humans, always imperfect, often boastful, rude, and selfish. Still, we are supposed to be learning that underneath all the boxes and bows and festivity, we are Santa too.

Merry Christmas! Please feel no guilt this year on Christmas Eve when you’re actually off in Tahiti or somewhere sipping Mai Tais with the Mrs. We got this one.

Love, Margo

PS – If you do go back to to the ma in her kerchief,  finger on the side of your nose and eight tiny reindeer business, please stop by. And please bring Sparkle a pony.

mamakat Head over to see more of Mama Kat’s writing workshop. I love the prompts she comes up with! I’m still sick and kind of pitiful. I hope I don’t come across as too Charlie Brown-like or anything in today’s post. If so, let’s blame the cough syrup.


  1. says

    Stoppin gby from Mama Kat’s! Oh Santa…I have too many times called Santa to report my son or gotten so crazy getting Christmas together so it would be perfect that it was no fun…we have slowed down this year and are trying to enjoy it more (I am a ba-humbugger usually!)


  2. Lily says

    I believe in a simple Christmas… Charlie Brown like. No stress. No gift receipts in case you don’t like it. No pile of January bills. Celebrating the birth of our savior should be a happy time of peace.

  3. says

    This is great Margo..cough syrup or not. I love it…I do miss the easy days when we were kids…those were the fun santa days!!!
    Hope you feel better soon…I am sure you have some shopping to do. :)

  4. says

    I like to pretend that the warm red nose and ruddy cheeks the old guy is always sporting are the result of having just knocked back a JagerBomb. I’d definitely be hitting the sauce if that were my gig.

  5. says

    When you mentioned the tree losing its sparkle, I could totally relate!

    I like the idea of turning Santa back into what he was originally. I’m not sure that I like where it is right now.

  6. says

    Well my dear it is all about perspective now isn’t it? Christmas is for the kiddies, the little ones who still believe in miracles and dreams as well as the big ones who believe in that stuff too. Most adults have forgotten those things. This Christmas mess isn’t my fault, blame the other guys like Target, Best Buy and the wireless cell phone carriers. I only ask that everyone gather and remember what this time is really about that stuff like peace and goodwill toward men (and women). It would be nice if we remembered that stuff all year long but it gets forgotten sometimes. Don’t let the commercialization get you down. A couple of days before the big day you might have a moment to yourself and be able to count all your blessings, not an easy thing to do in these tough times, I know, but you will have a moment of peace when the spirit of the season will lift your heart and soul for a moment and that is what I am all about.

  7. says

    dear santa, please bring me a little extra memory storage for my brain. thank you, and uh, if you’re in mind to bring a pony to my house, please drop it off at sparkle’s instead. thank you.

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    Just saw you on Networked Blogs, and I wanted to say I love your writing! You have a great comic twist and a fantastic way with words. Hope your holiday season is magic!

  9. says

    My father and stepmother’s house is filled with representations of Santa, from Victorian times (where he could be quite a scary dude — many of those Santas are red-nosed and angry-eyed and wielding tiny xmas trees like clubs) to probably the mid-60s. This collection is out all year round. They love Santa. They love gift-giving and give insanely. I admit that I prefer something simple and homemade, the less stuff the better. And that’s how we’re trying to structure our Christmases (though, now that I think about it, our son is an only grandchild and lavished with gifts). It may help that I barely ever get out shopping for various reasons and that I live the life of a media hermit!

  10. says

    Cute! We have basically given up on Santa this year – being stuck in Ghana where it’s HOT and 99% of the people here think of Christmas as a day to go to church for more hours than normal.

    It’s been a long time – just wanted to say a cyber hi! I’m your newest follower too!

    Holli in Ghana

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