Sundays in a Nearby Town (Near my City)

The Traveler’s Chapel located on Rt. 501 just outside of Conway, SC

I could start this post for Unknown Mami’s Sundays in My City by saying that what I’m about to share is neither “mine” nor a “city.” But that would be too easy, and wouldn’t explain things very well.

Once or twice I may have mentioned that Myrtle Beach is a different kind of place to live. The general area, defined by the Atlantic to the east, and the Intracoastal Waterway to the west, is shaped like a long thin rectangle. Many know this geographic rectangle, which starts to the north with Little River and runs 60 miles south to Pawleys Island by the name, “The Grand Strand.”

For the first few years we lived on The Grand Strand, with the exception of Dave’s work, our lives stopped at the Waterway. Rarely did we venture across. Access has improved significantly in recent years with several new major roads making all of Horry County more accessible. (When I first saw the name, “Horry,” I couldn’t believe it either. You’ll be glad to know that it’s pronounced, “Ore-EE.”)

The county seat of Horry, the charming town of Conway, is located only 15 miles inland. The town is easier to reach than most of the Grand Strand’s beach communities. We often find ourselves there for the cute shops, great restaurants and most recently,  the large library. I love it because its details are so different than what I’m surrounded by everyday.

I wonder who puts up and takes down the flag each day

Formal dresses at a store in Conway also have their own special housing

The Horry (Ore-EE) County Library

Tree at the Conway Library

Bench under the tree

Unknown Mami


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    Since I was born and raised in Savannah GA, I’m very familiar with this part of South Carolina and have many times visited Conway… although it’s been decades, so I’m sure it’s different now. A wonderful tour Margo, of a beautiful little city.

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    What a lovely place, though the fancy dresses posed behind glass made me giggle. Thanks for sharing the pics and for stopping by my blog. :-)


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    Mmmm wow that sounds fun, “Sundays In MY City”? My little piece of the city is pretty boring, but I could conjure up something. That sounds like a blast.

    These are great by the way!

    Your blog has a very cool vibe.

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