Blissdom is Not Checking Two Bags

packing for nashville

This vast cavern provides an unexpected rush of optimism.

Until today I was not an efficient packer. When it comes to air travel, I’ve always been a two bag, over the weight limit kind of gal. Blame it on the fact that since the birth of my first child – 17 years ago – I don’t get out enough. So when I do, I go a little nuts.

In honor of the fact that I am starting a travel website and I am going to the Blissdom conference tomorrow in Nashville, I’ve challenged myself to pack in one little bitty old suitcase. This piece of luggage, my more intrepid husband’s 22″ Travelpro, theoretically could even be carried on the plane. I tell you right now, that isn’t going to happen. (I thought it might for around 5 seconds, but when I mentioned it to Dave this morning he seriously spewed his coffee.)

All women know the TSA regulations for carry-on bags are meant for annoying people: females who are size quadruple zero and don’t wear make-up and men who don’t ever change their clothes. Since I plan to change my clothes like Oprah on crack, the idea of carrying on my one and only suitcase will just have to remain conceptual. I’m more than a little willing to pay up.

But beware: I plan on testing the Travelpro 5’s expansion technology to the point of near rupture. Is that the entire contents of my flying closet sprinkled on the tarmac?  Not to worry – the xanax is in my purse.

As I begin, I can’t help but notice that this suitcase looks like it can really hold a lot. Then I remember these:

Shoes on the Ground

Premptive Strike: Yes, I've pulled the pair I'm wearing on the plane already. And yes, that's two pair of boots.

When packing,  it is better use of space to roll, instead of fold clothes.

packing for nashville

Rolled clothes for 4 days sans shoes and underpinnings

Underpinnings? I’m not even sure what that word means. It sounds so architectural. Well, if it doesn’t mean “everything that goes underneath” – it should, so I’m leaving it.

There are several zippered sections for things that go underneath and things that don’t leave the room (like pajamas, work-out clothes – yeah, right – and toiletries)

packing for nashville

Ready to follow my bliss

I am going to wear the black boots to fly, but other than that, it all fits nicely with a little room to spare. Any ideas on what I might be forgetting?

My friend, Mayor of Sass from Sasstown is going to be at Blissdom. I can’t way to meet her! Anyone else going? I’m looking forward to meeting you!


  1. viridian says

    We have a travelpro suitcase too! It really is great. Nice to read a post from you – and have fun!
    PS I usually travel with only two pairs of shoes, so to me it looks like you are ready for anything – or overpacking. ;-0

  2. says

    If you’re checking your bag how about you throw a corkscrew in there. We’ll find some wine and some vodka on our way to opryland.

    I have the same suitcase, trying to decide if i’m checking it in. BTW, my last 2 posts have been travel related. I’ll bring a lemon and lime. But I am not packed yet. Do we need winter coats?

    Cheers, here’s to tomorrow Margo-rita. Anybody ever call you that? sorry, it the ambien talking.

  3. says

    Have a wonderful time and we’ll be waiting for a BIG report!

    (The TSA always opens my bag to mess around with my packing. Good luck.)

  4. says

    Wow. I really love your shoes. There’s no way you could leave any of those behind.

    Of course, this comes from a person who takes more shoes than actual outfits when she goes anywhere.

  5. says

    After I finally figured out how to get in and read your blog, I was duly impressed! You come across as a really fun person to be around. I hope you have a great trip.

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