Blogging with My Thumbs

I’m on the way to Atlanta with the family. The purpose of the trip is four-fold:

1. To take 17 year old to visit Emory University

2. To go see Muse in concert on Saturday.

3. To meet the mother of our next labradoodle. (please don’t tell Lily the labradoodle. I want to tell her myself when the moment is right)

4. To test out blogging with my thumbs from my BlackBerry while riding directly into the sun on one of the most heaven forsaken stretches of interstate highway in the nation, I-20 between Florence and Columbia, SC.

On Friday I have a post up at (Travel Writers Exchange) (sorry I can’t make the link all pretty. I’m wondering if there’s any chance it will fix itself). It’s a great site for travel writers and bloggers, but a lot of the content is relevant for writers and bloggers in general.

With a little luck a couple of photos may show up here too. I’ll probably get online tonight and be horrified by the sheer wonkiness of it all in regards to this post. I’m really hoping the photos show up because don’t two mediocre elements make one okay blog?

Don’t answer that.


  1. says

    I always go I-20 when traveling to Atlanta too, but I have to leave from eastern NC so my trip is much longer than yours… ugh.

    Here’s wishing you a successful journey!

  2. land of shimp says

    Yay, a new time in life for you, as you daughter nears high school graduation! It’s exciting isn’t it?

    I don’t text, or Tweet, or really do much of anything that requires brevity and being concise. I’m a stranger to both.

    But it is always fun to see people trying new things! Just for a moment, imagine yourself back in time, in the near-spring right before you graduated from high school. Can you even imagine if someone had come up to you and said, “By the time your daughter graduates from high school, you will be able to post to a vast network of information, and social exchanges, via a wireless phone, typing with your thumbs, by the way…and bouncing a signal off of towers across the globe…”

    Heh…and we think things never change. I wonder what the world will be like when your daughter is taking her daughter or son off to visit their potential university? What undreamt of possibilities will be commonplace by then?

  3. says

    I’m impressed that you did all that on your blackberry. Do they have spell-check on those things???

    Sounds like a great trip–have fun!

  4. says

    Lovely! You’re good with your blackberry too… I have a curve. I will blog on it from time-to-time but my thumbs are not as enthused to do this as I am.

    But it’s a talent.

    I am trying to get back blogging and visiting, I’ve had a stressful schedule lately. :-(

    Feel the burnout.

  5. viridian says

    Margo: are you busy on your other blog? Is the new labradoodle keeping you so busy you can’t blog? Were you abducted by aliens? Oh, seriously, I hope all it well. Keep in touch good bloggy friend!

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