Score for Team Rogue after a Nine Month Absence

It didn’t matter so much that I told a few people that I was going to start blogging again at Life in the Short Lane, because they, of course, had enough sense not to believe me. Heck I didn’t either.  But when I ordered my new business cards to go to the Blissdom Conference in Nashville, and implied it in print right there on them, albeit in a vague way, almost exactly nine months after launching The Travel Belles, I think I had already made up my mind to it.

Sometimes a part of me acts without consulting with that other part that thinks too much. The thinker loves saying, “No,” while the rogue’s job is to always stay a step ahead. The rogue is why I do things I’m not altogether comfortable with.

Of course the fact that it was nine months, the time it takes to grow a baby isn’t lost of me. This is just the kind of thing I, as an over-thinking creative run with, spend days pondering and dreaming on, writing cryptic notes to myself on sticky notes that I find stuck to the bottom of things, never to be seen again, until I find them stuck on the bottom of something else; their purpose hopefully accomplished nonetheless.

I squeeze meaning out of things like nine months, enjoy working words until their head hurts and my heart aches, totally in love with the concept of such an awesome metaphor for my entrepreneurial journey so far in starting my magazine about travel for women. (And to get the question out of the way, yes, you can call yourself an “entrepreneur” even if you’ve yet to earn one bent penny.)

I’m looking forward to writing about a few things I’ve learned during this gestation and whatever it is that I will be working my way through next. Most days I have no idea what that will be, but I’ve got a need to be here and write and unless the way the world tilts suddenly gives us an extra hour or two in a day, not very much time to do it, at least not the way I am prone.

But the deal I’ve made with myself is this: There is no time for word wrangling. None.

Blogging here has to be on a schedule just like everything else.  I’m going to practice getting what I write here stripped down to the essentials, but without the luxury of the stripping part. No building up, just to break back down. I’m going to attempt to write in a manner totally devoid of the fruits of excess thinking.

I’m assigning myself a word count and a time limit. Getting over some of the crap that is still left in my life to get over. Halt the trudge towards a  perfection that I’ve long known doesn’t exist, but sometimes just feels like the fun and easy option.

It may seriously suck. But I’m going to work to under think. “It’s not like it’s brain surgery,” the cynical say when discussing the relative usefulness of creativity, but maybe doing it a new way, for myself anyway, kind of is.


  1. says

    Do you know how seriously sad I am that we didn’t manage to catch up with each other at Blissdom? You are the ONE person I set it up with beforehand to make sure it happened, and then it didn’t. I know if I had a smart phone I would have been able to catch your tweets and find you. If I didn’t have my laptop on, then I never saw your tweets on time, and for some reason, you didn’t get my texts. :(

    I am seriously, seriously sad.

  2. Margo says

    I know! Me too! Smart phones aren’t so smart! Mine doesn’t buzz for text messages and I’ve gotten so twitter focused… there’s something confusing about all these ways of getting in touch. You’re in NC, right? Maybe we can get together sometime. How was your Blissdom? :(

    • Margo says

      Hi Melissa! Thanks and so happy to see you!.. whatcha knitting? And fyi, I can’t say I didn’t edit a little here, but it was all done in the time limit… cause procrastinating and word wrangling are sometimes the same thing 😉

  3. viridian says

    I am so glad you are back and will be back. I think I’m still following you. Writers do have show up at the page, even if the page is a computer screen.
    Did you pursue Nanowrimo? Do you have a novel? 😉 I never did my proposal, sadly.

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