Getting Too Comfortable with the Ugly and the Work-at-Home Wardrobe

Confession: I’ve gotten a little too comfortable with the ugly

I’ve been working from home for four years now, but this past year, since starting The Travel Belles, my once fashion conscious self seems to have run away from home. I’ve looked and looked can’t find her anywhere!

Although making it easy for me to always be comfortable, the way the line has blurred between pajamas and acceptable day wear, has led to me finding myself midday in some pretty atrocious get-ups. As I make my way as a member of the stay at home work force through the weeks and years, I fear I’ve become more unable to see my downward spiral away from the hip mom with the really cute wardrobe and straight into gauzy-scarf-and-pajama-and- ponytail-clad-weird-eccentric-aunt-territory.

I’d share pictures, but why the heck would I do that? Although it won’t actually match the full glory of reality, right this minute I will tell¬† you I look like a demented Raggedy Ann yoga princess. If I were to put on a normal shirt, I’d look okay to answer the door, because yoga pants apparently are the new ball gown. But I’m not stupid enough to answer the door in this condition. On the other hand if I were expecting a package from Amazon and answered the door and instead encountered a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I’m pretty sure I would give them good reason not to come ‘a calling on this yoga pant wearing Raggedy Ann/Eleanor Rigbee in the making.

Fortunately for now anyway, I only look as if I’ve lost my mind, and am not about to answer that door. Thankfully I have a window to look out to be sure it’s all clear, before answering and pulling in the box from Amazon.

Here’s the thing that really grinds me: I know if I had to put on real clothes each morning I would have lost the five pounds (or so – gulp) that I put on over the holidays by now.¬† These damned yoga pants are both a little too flattering and a little too comfortable. I feel similar towards them as I would to a bad boy teenage crush. I do believe Joan Jett said it best: I totally hate myself for loving you. (“totally” addition totally mine)

That’s it. I’ve had enough. This week I’m going to get up in the morning and *gasp*, put on jeans, you know, that less comfortable ball gown from the last decade. Sure they might cut off my circulation and leave permanent marks around my abdomen, but I’m through my child-bearing years, so I think it’s pretty safe, physically speaking.

So wish me luck! It may take a couple of days, but when I can breathe again in my jeans, I plan on putting out an APB for my once fashion conscious self. I’ll keep you posted on her whereabouts. And please don’t hesitate to check up on me and ask, “What are you wearing?” I won’t think you’re a strange feign of some sort. I’ll know better.


  1. says

    I know just how you feel because my daughter and I started working from home 5 years ago and our daily wardrobe deteriorated from there. Although I usually get dressed, what I find myself wearing are what I call “work clothes”; i.e., they’re stained with paints as I can’t seem to paint anything without getting it on me, at least my sleeves. But… I’m also usually wearing bedroom slippers and have found myself at the hair dresser with them on! How sad is that, to forget that you’re wearing bedroom slippers.

  2. Margo says

    if I succumb to pajama jeans you all have permission to smack me. What cracks me up is recently when I’ve flown there have actually been people wearing pajama pants around the airport, giving the whole thing a One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s nest vibe. I’ll admit, I kind of liked it :)

  3. says

    Hate to break it to you, Sister. But unless you are actually doing yoga, you are not in yoga pants. You are in full on mompants, Friend. (I’m wearing mine as I write this).

    They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. So you are well ahead of me. I’m a fan of denial.

    Good luck channeling your inner fashionista. Maybe you will inspire me.

  4. says

    Don’t count on that weight loss from real clothes. I’m now putting on real clothes every day. The stress, however, bounces between making me eat and keeping me from lunch. Average: no weight loss, yet.

  5. says

    I managed to put on real clothes several days this past week and did pilates 3x. I also had a bout of food poisoning yesterday. Wouldn’t recommend it, but … ah, the mark wasn’t so severe today. Would have posted here today, but pretty much just sat around in real pajamas!


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