The Rules of Morning Beach Walking

I would see the sunrise over the Atlantic a lot more often if I lived right on the beach, I think to myself every time I manage to get in a morning beach walk. Those people you hear about who walk on the beach at 6am? That would be me if I lived right on the beach. As it is now, I’m more of an 8am girl.

sunrise over the Atlantic

Not quite sunrise over the Atlantic.

They walk. They run. They do something in between. They switch between the two. They walk their dogs. Their dogs walk them, pulling them along on a leash. They stand up straight and walk in straight lines and look straight ahead. They turn around. They meander and crouch. Sometimes they say hello. Sometimes they don’t see you.

Whether April or October, at this hour of the morning, they wear jackets and shoes and socks. They wear bathing suits. They stand still and turn their faces to the sun. They hide under and behind baseball caps and sunglasses.  They look at the water. They look at beachfront real estate. They look down in thought. They look down for shells.

I fit right in here.

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