Fall Rainbows in Greenville

Fall Rainbows and Unicorns in Greenville, SC

The only things that seem to come together anymore as far as getting my daughters and me all together in the same place, are at the last minute.  I wasn’t sure older daughter was going to arrive on the scene almost until she walked through the door on Thursday. That she wanted to drive back to see her sister in Greenville, a four hour drive away and that this was also okay with the sister wasn’t determined until later that evening.

Parking lot of Hilton Garden Inn, Greenville

So I then:

Secured dog sitter. Made arrangements for piano tuner to get in the house. Saw Dave off to Beijing on Saturday morning. Drove to Greenville, my home away from home in the form of a Hilton Garden Inn.  I’m back now and out of Hilton points, but it was worth it.

Rainbow of flags at Monteray, the Mexican restaurant

There was:

Laughter, a Target trip, Mexican food, midnight Ben and Jerrys. Room service and Dance Mom marathons. There was re-working of futures, consternation and secrecy; posing and letting down hair. Lots of love and just the normal amount of hate. Distance and proximity in the same moment.

I was just kidding about unicorns but there was a sea turtle in one of Sparkle’s poems.

So far this is hardest year of my life. Still there have been lots of rainbows.

photos Margo Millure ©


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    I’m so glad you were able to get away and do this. :-) Absolutely LOVE these glimpses into your life. :-) Hoping for much peace and rest in the days ahead. XO

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