Bad Eyes

This morning Dave and I went to one of my favorite places to visit here in the Myrtle Beach area, Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet. We communed with nature, took deep breaths and walked a bunch of miles. I avoided tripping on tree roots. Dave, myself and my hair enjoyed the seasonally perfect temps and lack of humidity.

Stuff that looks pretty but makes me sneeze

My new camera seems to have 5 million settings and Huntington was the perfect place to try it out. I’ve got a lot to learn, but that’s not my biggest challenge. When anyone has a new camera, they have to spend more time than usual both looking at the settings and reviewing their shots. For me this means a devastating amount of time. My two eyes, as grateful as I am for them, have a lot of shifting around to do, needed to both see in the distance and up close. This has lead to a nasty case of multiple “eyewear” syndrome.

To pull off this decade induced shiftiness “in recent years,” in a given 2 minute span, I need not just to be wearing contact lenses, but I must have handy access to both reading glasses and sunglasses. So I spent a good part of the morning with two pairs of glasses on my head. Rock on.

Fortunately another part of this “in recent years” business is that I don’t give a damn if “people” (in this instance it was around 5 people over the course of the morning) think I’m a crazy person or not. Cool.

So here are the a few of the shots. I’m happy with them, and learned a lot about my new camera, and even more about all that there still is to learn.

These uprooted trees made me think about all the people affected by Hurricane Sandy and circle of life stuff, insofar as a person who only kind of likes nature wonders about these things. Briefly before almost tripping on a root in the path, I  wondered what would have happened if Sandy had come ashore here in this spot. Random nature!


I decided I like taking pictures of “outcroppings.” I’m not sure if that mass of shrubbery in the middle of the above shot is technically an outcropping, but I hope it is. If not it should be!


Lichen, fungus, whatever. I don’t know what to call most of these interesting things found in nature.

Reeds and some flotsam. Okay, that mass of something in the water behind the reeds is not really flotsam. I think it’s either jetsam, or maybe just crushed up reeds.

Huntington Beach State Park has all kinds of viewing areas that have been constructed by Eagle Scouts.  I wonder if these Eagle Scouts will take their handy skills and build their future wives pergolas when they ask for one year after year AFTER YEAR. I don’t say this out loud because this is a sore subject for Dave. He was (is?) an Eagle Scout. I wait patiently as a good contessa can be expected to, for Italian style shading on my patio made from 2 by 4s.

That’s an arachnoid and I hate them except when they are in their own webs at great distance. I zoomed in all the way to 200 mm to get this shot and that was plenty close.



  1. says

    Absolutely love that you’re doing your blog again, Margo!! Reading this post was almost as good as walking there with you, listening to you natter away as you tried out all those different settings. :-) Such a beautiful place to hike!!! May the Eagle Scout gods smile upon you soon and get you that pergola!! 😉

    • Margo Millure says

      Ha! thank you, Krista. I’m afraid I may just have to build the thing myself… *insert canned laughter* 😉

  2. BETH says

    I’m loving your photographs of the area! You certainly have an eye for catching interesting shots (with or without the two pairs of glasses). I suddenly feel the need to visit Brookgreen Gardens and play with my little point and shoot camera. :)

    • Margo Millure says

      Thanks, Beth! and me too as far as visiting Brookgreen Gardens – it was a toss up which way to turn off 17 :)

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