Naively, You Continue

Naively, you have always thought your creative work should speak for itself.

Naively, you support those you believe in, in their creative and professional endeavors the best you can.

Doing these things is part of who are and you learned long ago that these things are not a good return on investment.

All the while you keep making ¬†yourself vulnerable. Day after day you choose to return and put yourself out there. You don’t consider all this a hobby.

On good days you feel above your need for any acknowledgment or praise. On bad days, you feel like barely breathing roadkill, ignored and as if you are already dead.

Not being prone to histrionics, you cringe slightly at all this drama.

Sometimes it seems as if the better your work, the less anyone notices. For reasons you can’t explain, you go on, trying to put into your words or photographs or whatever things that can’t be said.

You keep acting as if it doesn’t matter when nobody seems to see you there on the side of the road. ¬†You don’t look injured and are glad; your smile protects you and fools them into thinking you are a flit.

You are not in this game for pity.

But I know what’s on the inside.


  1. says

    it’s like a writer’s rest stop, your ‘margo go lightly’! i think i’m going to come here every day in case you’ve posted something new just so that i can feel better about myself.
    thank you for offering kindness and succor to those of us wandering in the online wilds. we are most grateful.

  2. says

    Thanks so much for this Margo. That first line really resonated with me.

    I find there are those times when we’re asked to fit into a ‘new’ norm and to forget the ‘old’ aesthetics. Still, we plod away as we know someone/people out there actually do know “what’s on the inside”.

    We’ll all get there eventually :)

    • Margo says

      You are welcome, Justine! “Plodding” is about right… I think it’s most important to just stay on the path and enjoy it the best we can.

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