Sometimes You Are Not a Very Nice Person

Sometimes you are completely hateful. To the person who is closest to you in the whole world, you say things that you can’t even imagine saying to your worst enemy.

Just today you said the following horrible things to her:

“You are hopeless.”

“You are a no talent phony.”

“Are you sure YOU think you can do THAT?” (Caps added to show the depth of your mad passive aggressive skills.)

“You are a scatterbrain.”

Then as soon as you took a breath and your victim thought you were done, you stooped even lower, just to be sure your work was done:

“As long as we’re talking about you and your inadequacies, you do know you’re a little overweight, right? Oh, you can’t cook either. And ha ha, what’s with having both a new zit and wrinkle? “

You could go on and on. Words are your thing even if you’re not saying them out loud; your brain abhors a vacuum.

Isn’t today a good day to stop your hateful “internal dialogue” – your “negative self talk” or whatever it is you want to call it?

Musicians don’t knock themselves over the head with their instruments. And painters don’t eat paint (I don’t think they do anyway.)

Next time you catch yourself abusing your lovely and spectacular self with your own words, imagine yourself saying these things to someone you love. Horrifying, isn’t it?  Hopefully your horror will make you stop.


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