How to Make Homemade Almond Milk

almond milk

I milked an almond for the first time a few weeks ago. Who knew such a thing was possible? I’ve hated milk with a vengeance since I was a child. I had a milk allergy as an infant that, as was conventional wisdom, I supposedly “out grew.” I know all about waiting to “out grow” […]

Don’t Belly Flop onto Mother’s Day


I’ve been thinking about how any given holiday, in this case Mother’s Day, for various reasons is likely painful for a huge percentage of the population. This after having spent more than a few minutes doing a “woe is me” routine in my head over my newly empty nest and this coming Sunday. The truth […]

The Rules of Morning Beach Walking

I would see the sunrise over the Atlantic a lot more often if I lived right on the beach, I think to myself every time I manage to get in a morning beach walk. Those people you hear about who walk on the beach at 6am? That would be me if I lived right on […]

Feel Better Now Hot Toddy Recipe

After spending endless hours in the Life in the Short Lane test kitchen, I provide you with a recipe in follow-up to my last post. Consider it my special gift to you. Perhaps it will prove useful during the cold, flu and relatives-who-will-not-leave season: Virtual Grandma’s Feel Better Now Hot Toddy Ingredients: 1 oz. brandy, […]

Convalescing the Old Fashioned Way

This first weekend in December, I would rather be shopping, but thanks to recent illness and the economy, instead I find myself in the “building up process.” For me this means rest, fluids, vitamins and minerals, and wearing fuzzy socks with skid proof bottoms. This ad implies that the “building up process” meant something much […]