Bits and Pieces of a Not Really Empty Nest

My experience so far this school year is that the definition of having an “empty nest” is different than what I thought it would be. I’ve been in total denial of the concept of it for several months now. In some ways this has turned out to be a good thing. When I looked at […]

Don’t Donate that Fax Machine to the Smithsonian Yet

When I pulled an old fax machine out of the closet a while back, my teenage daughter looked at it and asked, “What’s that?” This wasn’t our first shared “Smithsonian” moment. It reminded me of a time when she was six. Then she wasn’t responding to an unknown item we owned, but instead to a […]

Not Quite Angels

My grandmother loved Christmas, little girls, angels and irony. I was her first grandchild: her sugar and spice who dutifully wore ruffles and lace, hair bows and shiny mary janes. I learned good manners and how to “be seen and not heard.” She would sometimes tell me I was good as gold. I didn’t object […]

Dear Santa

Dear Santa, There were a few years in there when I didn’t believe in you. On many Christmas mornings after our fair share of teeth gnashing disguised as smiles, last minute runs for batteries, and wrong sizes, I sometimes felt as if you, this magical creature who is supposed to know everything, were more trouble […]