Your Sensitivity is a Gift


“Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.” ― Dorothy Parker Of course you want to write for an audience, but there is a problem. You want that audience to like everything you write. Thus you do one of two things: 1. you perfect things too early, taking all the magic right out of your […]

Naively, You Continue


Naively, you have always thought your creative work should speak for itself. Naively, you support those you believe in, in their creative and professional endeavors the best you can. Doing these things is part of who are and you learned long ago that these things are not a good return on investment. All the while […]

Sometimes You Are Not a Very Nice Person

Sometimes you are completely hateful. To the person who is closest to you in the whole world, you say things that you can’t even imagine saying to your worst enemy. Just today you said the following horrible things to her: “You are hopeless.”

Quiet: 10 Swagger: 0

Don’t be fooled by the mediocre gunslingers of the world into thinking that noisy swagger means more than the quiet doing of good work. Yes, I know it’s hard to work as a “published writer” these days   – a  field where there is such a low barrier to entry. As in none. Unless you […]

You already are a Writer

Every day it seems there are more status updates on Facebook by writers and bloggers that feel like outright bragging. These writers boast about how many words they’ve written or how many blog posts they’ve produced in a given day, over a weekend, or squeezed in between carpooling and CrossFit. That in some instances these […]