Bad Eyes

This morning Dave and I went to one of my favorite places to visit here in the Myrtle Beach area, Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet. We communed with nature, took deep breaths and walked a bunch of miles. I avoided tripping on tree roots. Dave, myself and my hair enjoyed the seasonally perfect […]

Unexpected Weather for Your Average Family of Weather Weenies

Did you you hear that this past Friday, 49 states had snow? According to the Associated Press at dawn on February 13, more than two thirds of  the United States’ land mass had experienced a least a dusting of snow. The lone holdout was Hawaii. Surprisingly that state’s Mauna Kea volcano, at 13,800 feet, usually […]

Blissdom is Not Checking Two Bags

Until today I was not an efficient packer. When it comes to air travel, I’ve always been a two bag, over the weight limit kind of gal. Blame it on the fact that since the birth of my first child – 17 years ago – I don’t get out enough. So when I do, I […]

I’d Rather Rotate Crops than Book Purge

Dave in this kind way of his that defies reason, except insofar as it kind of explains how he manages to  love me, mentioned a few weeks ago that perhaps I could go through some of my books. “Just give some away,” he said, as if that were the easiest thing to do on earth. […]