Fall Rainbows in Greenville

Fall Rainbows and Unicorns in Greenville, SC The only things that seem to come together anymore as far as getting my daughters and me all together in the same place, are at the last minute.  I wasn’t sure older daughter was going to arrive on the scene almost until she walked through the door on […]

Fresh Furry Start to the New Decade

Apparently there was a time in the 1930s when being draped in a snowy-white cute-but-dead fox, complete with an intact head, was considered the epitome of high fashion. My daughters were relieved to hear that this distant trend wasn’t from some other back-in-the-day decade like the 1970s. Both decades are the “olden days” to them, […]

Don’t Donate that Fax Machine to the Smithsonian Yet

When I pulled an old fax machine out of the closet a while back, my teenage daughter looked at it and asked, “What’s that?” This wasn’t our first shared “Smithsonian” moment. It reminded me of a time when she was six. Then she wasn’t responding to an unknown item we owned, but instead to a […]

Almost Wordless Wednesday/Veterans Day Edition

We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude. ~Cynthia Ozick First thing this morning I was in a pissy mood. There’s  the rain, torrents of it. Then along with that comes a really bad hair day. Then there was Lily the Labradoodle tracking mud and water all over the house, […]