Score for Team Rogue after a Nine Month Absence

It didn’t matter so much that I told a few people that I was going to start blogging again at Life in the Short Lane, because they, of course, had enough sense not to believe me. Heck I didn’t either.  But when I ordered my new business cards to go to the Blissdom Conference in […]

I’m Naked in a Room Full of Strangers, But I’m Back

The Travel Belles, my new travel blog is now open! When some of you heard me say I was starting a new blog about travel,  I bet you didn’t think I meant I was undertaking an extended outer space mission. But as with many journeys in life, you never know exactly what you’re getting in […]

Blogging with My Thumbs

I’m on the way to Atlanta with the family. The purpose of the trip is four-fold: 1. To take 17 year old to visit Emory University 2. To go see Muse in concert on Saturday. 3. To meet the mother of our next labradoodle. (please don’t tell Lily the labradoodle. I want to tell her […]

If I Won the Lottery I’d Build the Perfect Staff

Every so often I play, “if I won the lottery.” Sometimes my husband joins me. Mostly it’s in my head. Today, I need an entire staff: a cook, a housekeeper, a personal assistant, trainer and shopper all rolled into a few full time people. Next hired would be a perceptive, non-judgmental, nice person who would […]